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CASE NO. 15 CV 001865

In October 2015, we filed a class action on behalf of Ohio Consumers against a group of entities operating as "Delaware Solutions", and likely other names.  We have alleged that the entities and individuals named in the Complaint have engaged in a scheme designed to extort money from individuals who have previously obtained, or provided information to obtain, payday loans.   

The Complaint alleges that Defendants first contact their target claiming to be a process server.   The "process server" informs the consumer that he or she owes money because he or she defaulted on a payday loan, and that they will be coming to the consumers home and office to serve them with a subpoena.   Sometimes they threaten that the consumer will be jailed; other times they say a civil court hearing is scheduled within the next few days.   The process server then states that this can all be avoided if they pay the amount claimed to be due to an attorney.   A phone number is provided, but like the "process server", the "law firm" that answers the phone is also a fake.

In November 2016, the trial court ruled that the parties were required to arbitrate their dispute, due to an arbitration clause contained in the original loan documents.

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